About Us

The SPIRAmir® Self-Sealing Spiral Duct System made its debut in January 2003 at the ASHRAE show in Chicago. Since then SPIRAmir® has been growing rapidly. Already, there are various of companies throughout the USA and Canada manufacturing this unique and innovative spiral ductwork system.

SPIRAmir® products are being sold by hundreds of stocking distributors that quickly recognized the incredible value of SPIRAmir®, and HVAC contractors have installed several thousand SPIRAmir® jobs throughout North America.

The SPIRAMIR CORP. was established to handle our incredible growth. The SPIRAMIR CORP. coordinates manufacturing, and the sales & marketing between our SPIRAmir® manufacturers. We have developed cutting edge and aggressive marketing approaches that enable our customers to achieve the best results. We utilize top-notch quality control methods to monitor the manufacturing of SPIRAmir® products.